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About Varna & Bulgaria !

Chartered Accountants, Business Advisors and Tax Consultants based in Varna, Bulgaria.

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Cost of Doing Business in Bulgaria is very attractive. Bulgaria offers foreign investors some of the world's most competitive business costs. Real estate investment has produced a plentiful supply of modern offices at very competitive costs. Corporate taxes and labour costs are quite low for European standards. Privatization and deregulation are creating sophisticated public utility and telecommunications industries.

Bulgaria has a traditionally strong education system. The literacy rate in Bulgaria is 93 percent. Children go to school from the age of 7 ands stay on till 18 years old. There are over forty Higher Education institutions in Bulgaria offering degrees at the undergraduate and graduate level. There are nursery schools available from the age of 2 years old and this gives children a relaxed atmosphere to learn the language when coming to live here. There are also schools which teach 100% in English for the English speaking students.

The aptitude of workers and the relative low cost of labour are considerable incentives for foreign companies to invest in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is making a considerable effort to offer the lowest corporate taxes in Europe. Corporate tax rate in 2007 went down to 10%, deductions are also allowed.

Bulgaria has a very strategic geographic location. Its position on the European continent allows investors to reach the entire market of the European Union and the markets of central and eastern Europe, which represent a total population of 853 million. In April 2004, the country became member of NATO.

Bulgaria and its capital Sofia offer a cosmopolitan quality of life that is regarded as among the highest in Europe. First time visitors to Bulgaria are often surprised by the diversity and stunning natural beauty. For years a real effort has been made in order to preserve the country’s rich and unspoilt flora and fauna. As a result, today’s Bulgaria is ecologically one of the purest countries in Europe, with exceptionally clear air and water resources. Not only is the quality of life in Bulgaria good, but the cost of living is one of the lowest in Europe.



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